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Looking for a caring, professional cat behaviour consultant or cat sitter who cares about you and your cat?

Cattitude Feline Behaviour & Care is a licensed, veterinarian recommended cat services company founded by lifelong New Westminster resident, Deirdre Ashley. Cattitude is the cat division of Sassi Pet Services which also provides dog services. 

Deirdre's goal is to prevent cats from seeing the inside of the shelter, or worse, due to treatable behaviour issues. She also wants you to be able to vacation stress-free knowing your cat's needs are covered.

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Vacation Visits


Can't take your cat with you when you head out of town? Let Deirdre come to them. Once food, water and litterbox duties are complete, Deirdre will do what your cat tells her to: snuggles, play, staring at eachother from across the room... it's up to them!

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Have a cat-social cat that can't stay home? Send them to us! They will have full run of the home and a couple of cat buddies to play with through their stay. Plus, a warm human to snuggle up to at night. 

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Behaviour Consults


While you might not appreciate the behaviour your cat is exuding, they're doing it for a reason. There's always a reason! What they're doing is easy to see, but why they're doing it can be tough to figure out. That's where Deirdre comes in.

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